Contracting Process

At Little Creek Construction, we offer multi-unit residential and commercial general contractor services that meet all of your building needs from the pre- to post- construction process. The most overwhelming part of developing a new retail, office or medical clinic space is knowing if what you want is possible in the budget that you have. We’ll work hard at Little Creek Construction, to provide you with the correct information to make the best decisions for you project needs. As a professional, detail-oriented apartment and commercial builder we will take the time during the pre-construction phase, and later through the construction process to keep you informed and prepared to make the big decisions for your project. Depending on your commercial or multi-unit residential building needs we offer a wide range of services including:


Pre-construction Consulting for New Design-Builds, Rehabs/Renovations, and Interiors

Little Creek Construction will work with our clients and design professional to help you make informed decisions as early on in the process as possible. As the client, you are responsible for making all of the decisions. During the pre-construction consulting, the professionals at Little Creek Construction are in charge of asking you the right questions about what you need and what you want and then provide you with the best options for you to choose from. As your general contractor and commercial and apartment builder, it is our responsibility to make sure that as many details as possible are decided on, within a given budget, before a shovel ever hits the ground. We’ve found that when we do this early on, we avoid frantic scrambling during the construction process, which will keep things within budget and running smoothly.

How does this process look in practice?: Let’s say you need a wood floor installed in your retail space. You can’t decide on which type of wood you would like to use, and say “well why don’t we wait until the space is built so I can get a feel for what wood would look best.” This will cost you. By not making the decision early on, we may not be able to find the flooring you want, you lose money on expedited shipping, and you will create unnecessary lag-time in construction process while the wood is shipping. It creates more stress through the whole building process.


Being the general contractor for you commercial or multi-unit residential buildings means that we will use our expansive network of design firms in Wisconsin to find the appropriate designer for your project. While you are going through the design process will work with you and the designers to provide realistic development schedules, practical high-quality engineering, and appropriate subcontractor selections within our construction management capacity. Once the design phase is complete we will use our expansive in-house knowledge and relationships with city zoning and planning, city council and inspectors to get your plan approved and moved on the to the construction phase as quickly as possible.

Multiple Building Program

No multi-unit and multi-building project is too large for Little Creek Construction. We enjoy tackling big projects and stand by our philosophy that the more prepared you are in knowing what you want, the easier it will be for us to execute your dreams. Within multiple building projects, the preliminary design phases are crucial to making sure projects are completed smoothly. Before starting the preliminary design we will get a feel for the needs and wants of each building so that we can begin the design phase with these understandings and expectations in place. This guarantees we get the project built right, from the foundation to the final fixtures.

Construction Management

As your general contractor we will offer our construction management services that include a variety of pre-construction services including developing budgets and schedule, design input, ‘right-to-build’ services, value engineering, and most importantly construction planning and building. Hiring the professionals at Little Creek Construction to handle every aspect of construction management will alleviate stress and streamline the construction process.


Project Management and Commercial and Multi-residential Builders for New Design-Builds, Rehabs/Renovations, and Interiors

The day-to-day construction process can be harrowing. To make sure that all of the design specs are being met, our project managers oversee quality control including:

  • Reviewing plans and specifications
  • Monitoring and processing all of the submittals from the subcontractors and construction suppliers
  • On-site safety inspections, including daily job site cleaning and safety audits
  • Quality control inspections to ensure implementation of the plans and specs.
  • Managing project timeline to adhere to deadlines.


Closing out the ProjectUpon completion of the project, we take great pains to aid in the transition of the building to the new owner including providing the following services for our clients:

  1. Development and delivery of operations and maintenance manuals for the owners
  2. Turning over the project to the owner including acquiring and transmitting any legal

documents, submitting final applications, reviewing inspection reports and securing a certificate of occupancy.

Additional Services

  1. Facility Management including building maintenance
  2. Special Projects & Facility Upgrades